A Mixed Day on Wall Street, USD/CAD Hits Target 1

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A Mixed Day on Wall Street, USD/CAD Hits Target 1

Post  harpal1980 on Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:10 am

U.S stock indices traded mixed throughout most of yesterday’s session, after opening higher. Even though the indices presented a rally at the start of the session, uncertainty regarding upcoming results from large caps, prevented major gains, forcing the indices to close with only minor profits. The S&P500 closed with a 0.5% gain, while the Nasdaq closed higher by only 0.11%.

Although Alcoa’s recent statements sparked enthusiasm amongst market participants, investors and traders are now preparing for an action packed earnings week. Apart from Google, which is expected to shake the markets, names like; IBM, J.P Morgan, Bank of America and General Electric are scheduled to release their reports this week. Profits and positive outlooks due to increasing demand rather than cost cutbacks could spark major movement and send the major indices higher.

Crude oil presented major movement yesterday, breaking its minor trend line. As shown on yesterday’s report, crude still has major resistance at $75 to overcome, before a new trend will can be determined. For yesterday’s analysis, Click Here.

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