Forex Robot TFOT version 6.0

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Forex Robot TFOT version 6.0

Post  vic2 on Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:39 am

We are monitoring our forex robot TFOT since 2010. Expert Advisor shows very good results on our own real accounts and on our clients’ real accounts. Advisor is not sensitive to changes in the market and can be used as an independent automated trading system and is included into the trading systems portfolio.

Over the years, we have studied the behavior adviser to market changes and made some important discoveries. This gave a new impetus to the improvement of forex robot TFOT.

We would not like to disclose all algorithm improvements, as they are many attempts to copy it. So we will focus on describing only some of them:

We have added adaptive Stop Loss and Take Profit for the system based on ATR indicator. It resulted in profitability increase and drawdown reduction. We got a smooth curve of profit growth.

We have improved GMT determination. It allows avoiding any server time manipulation.

We have improved forex neural net filter based on BackPropagation Neural Network. Multiple training allows us to filter unprofitable transactions. It resulting in increased profitability and reduced drawdown.

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