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Post  saidtomuch on Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:59 am

Good morning,

It was recently bought to my attention that on you tube was a video using the zigzag on price along with RSI. Entry appeared to be based on divergences on the 4hr charts using Bollie Bands as an entry point after the divergence line was broken. I was particlarly intrigued because I have been using a similar set up for my entries although I was buying/selling on a break down/up through the lower/higher zigzag if RSI was providing the divergence. Could I be bold enough to ask what settings you use for Zigzag (I use Req. var = 14, % or point = point and aplied to (h+l+c+o)/4) I also set RSI to 14 applied to (h+l+c+o)/4. I wouldn't imagine this makes much difference but was seeking clarification as to the settings you use.

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