Price Action Trading-Strong Versus Weak

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Price Action Trading-Strong Versus Weak

Post  fdiwata on Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:36 am

Forex trading Price-Action trading strong or weak in many respects the same as the negotiation of other instruments. However, there is a crucial in Forex trading that is completely different from trading on other markets. When exchanging any other instrument you are trading a single instrument based on their individual strength or weakness.

However, in the currency you are trading two instruments or currencies that have their own individual strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the equation is more complex, but may in fact be easier to find business opportunities.

Because when we carry trade, we are simply looking for greater polarity between weak currencies and stronger. Through the negotiation of a strong currency against a low, which greatly increase the chances that the pair is moving in our direction, if we buy foreign currency and weak sales.

If you can analyze the price action and isolate the poor performance compared to hard currency, so you can find the commercial share price large configurations.

Find currency strong against weak?
The method is very simple. Since the dollar is the currency most commonly traded (either as large or fraud), we see how coins are made against the dollar.

Thus, no trade can not always be complicated needs a lot of indicators to find bargains. By understanding how to read price action, the determination of impulsive vs. corrective movements and identify training well, you can find good trading opportunities.

If you are serious about learning how to trade this market successfully, and finding high probability trades with simple pivots and share price only, you can check the price action or ProForex Advanced courses you will learn the systems based on ownership rules for dealing with these cost-effective configurations.


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