How to get $280 cashback every month from your current broker

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How to get $280 cashback every month from your current broker

Post  scottfx99 on Thu Nov 26, 2009 4:34 am

Many forex brokers use so called Introducing Broker programs as a way to attract new customers. For every customer an Introducing Broker attracts he gets a share of the commissions charged to the customer.

Customers pays the same commissions no matter if they are with and IB or not. What is important to know for you as a trader is that brokers have a built in margin in their commission structure to allow for incentive payments to Introducing Brokers.

Some introducing brokers are now passing on a significant amount of their payments received to you as a trader. There are several programs on the market at the moment, but I highly recommend:

I have used their service for over one year and collected more than $ 5000 so far. Funds are automatically transferred to our Paypal account every month.

Currently you can sign up for cashback from the following brokers:

Alpari UK
Go Markets
Tadawul FX
X Forex

FXCM for example offers as much as 0.7 pip discount per lot traded, or $7 on EURUSD for example.

0.7 pip discount x $10 average pip value on pairs traded x 40 Lots per month = $280

Dont give away more commission than you have to! For more information check out:


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